Cab (cabd) wrote in cyclist_issues,

Because it'll probably not get published on the website...

My response to this crap story here:

Classically bad bit of journalism here. A minority of cyclists are doing something illegal on that road. Its even mentioned in the story, look:

"The number involved might be a minority but sooner rather than later those responsible for this stupid behaviour will end up in A&E or worse."

And on that basis we've got YET ANOTHER story in the CEN that has no purpose other than to reinforce the negative stereotype of rogue cyclists?

Get hold of yourselves and look at the facts. A very small minority of the small number of cyclists breaking the law will ever hurt themselves. An even smaller number will cause any harm to anyone else. By all means if you catch a cyclist breaking the law, prosecute, but lets get over this farcical weekly newspaper rant about cyclists. It isn't cyclists causing congestion, pollution, noise or killing and maiming thousands of people every year. It isn't cyclists who make our cities all basically loud, dirty and unpleasant places to be.

I see you've got another story today about a car ploughing into houses; are you going to have a go at motorists in general for the harm they do? No? Thought not.

This is a poor excuse of a news story from a newspaper that has a terrible record on cycling news.

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